I had sketched this a couple years ago when I was canoeing on Lake Manitouwabing near Sudbury, ON. I came across it in my sketch book and thought it deserved to be a painting.

"Great White Pine" | "x40" | acrylic on canvas | 2016 | $2,000


This piece was commissioned by a woman in Toronto for her mother. The bears represent her and her mother and sister visiting the Anishinaabe camp.

"Bear Visit" | 16"x20" | acrylic on canvas | 2016


Turtle Island. She carries the people, as well as the 7 Grandfather teachings which are represented by the trees on her back. The blue tiles of her shell represent all of the fresh lakes we have in North America and the black line represents our good soil for growing. The tipi represents the people living amongst all of these things and that we've got to take good care of what we were given.

We're not more than, or less than, but a part of - Turtle Island.

"Turtle Island" 16"x20" | acrylic on canvas 2015


For those of you from Red Lake, you'll know this iconic building that first welcomes you to my little community of Madsen, Ontario.

For those of you who've not made it to the end of the road in Ontario, this is a headframe! It helps bring workers underground and it brings ore up to be refined into gold. This particular structure has stood since the late 1930's and the 5th gold mine to get started in the area at the time.

I grew up admiring it everyday for 17 years until I left home, but every time I go back I make time to sit and trip out on what a weird, but strong and beautiful building it is that's in the middle of no where in the Canadian shield

Madsen Headframe 18"x24" | acrylic on canvas 2015


One thing I found out on my journey as an artist that I know for sure is that we are all the creators of our own reality. What ever you put out there into the world absolutely comes back to you. It's up to you to be conscious enough to be responsible for what you're putting out there. That's what this piece represents, the energy contained in the hands coming together in a circle and radiating outward.

$875 | 24"x48" | | acrylic on canvas | 2015


The Young Buck stands in front of Grandmother Moon, her light guiding the way through the night.

$475 / 16"x20" / acrylic on canvas / 2015


I've been doing a little research on chakras lately, how important it is to meditate and how to be aware/responsible for the energy you bring in to a room.

So this piece is a little inspired by some colours in the chakra colour wheel I felt were needing some work that day. There's also somethin' about warm colours lately that I've been really drawn to as well.

$350 / 14x18 / acrylic on canvas / 2015


I had a sketch of this in one of my old day planners from college and I felt it needed to be a painting.

$275 / 11"x14" / acrylic on canvas / 2015


This piece was inspired by a canoe trip I took in 2012 at Oonie Lake near the Woodland Provincial Park in Northwestern Ontario. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Oonie Lake a few times now in my life and it is one of my favourite places in the world.

14"x18" / acrylic on canvas / 2015


This piece for me is one of my favourite. I wish I could tell a better story because I feel like for this piece he looks as if he's looking back on his life or just the day and he's content and happy with it. Like he's lived a good life or something and his spirit is full of positive energy, which is definitely how I've been feelin lately.

18"x40" / acrylic on canvas / 2015


18"x24" | 2015 acrylic on canvas


This painting was a part of my first show in Toronto called NORTH/SOUTH and was one of the pieces that sold that night.

14"x18" / acrylic on canvas / 2015

Canadian Woodland

The 4th piece of the year, Canadian Woodland, has been in the works for a quite a while now, and definitely one of the largest pieces I've done over the years. It's my version of a coast to coast Canadian landscape with some of Canada's most iconic animals, a stylized version of each provincial flower and some of her trees.

"Canadian Woodland" 20"x50" | acrylic on canvas 2015


This piece began as just a drawing in 2014 & every time I came across it in my sketch book I would always pause and stare at it. I had an extra canvas one day and this piece demanded to be painted and so I obeyed.

18"x40" | acrylic on canvas | 2015 | $1,800.00

"Northern Leaves"

My last piece of 2014 and was an anniversary gift for a woman in Red Lake from her husband and children. The three leaves represent her three daughters.

24"x24" / acrlyic on canvas / 2014

"Sunset in Chukuni"

The sunsets in the Red Lake, Ontario area are some of the best in the world that I've seen. This painting is a scene that exists in the Chukuni area of Red Lake and a view from a friends place on the lake.

12"x18" / acrylic on canvas / 2014

"Buffalo of the Plains"

My family originally comes from Manitoba and whenever I go to visit our farm I'm so inspired by the landscape and the colours of the vast skies. I'd always wanted to paint a plains piece but never had the time until this commission piece came up and the only criteria was that it needed to remind the owner of the prairies.

18"x40" / acrylic on canvas / 2014

"I Love You Mother Nature"

This was a tattoo design originally, and then I told myself that if I ever had the time I'd turn it into a painting. It took me 2 days, I was back home in Red Lake teaching and this piece was demanding to be painted, so I did.

16"x20" / acrylic on canvas / 2014



This is my take on a dragonfly and was a commission piece for a lovely lady back home in the Red Lake area.

24"x24" / acrylic on canvas / 2014

"Mooz at Midnight"

This was a commission piece that created for my clients graduation gift from University. It features a Moose grazing on reeds at midnight, while being looked upon by the Great Moon and Northern Lights

17.5"x39.5" acrylic on canvas / 2014

"Three Sisters"

Commissioned by a woman in Red Lake with her only criteria being, feathers. I knew she had two other sisters so I decided to design a feather individually for each of them.

24"x24" acrylic on canvas / 2014


This piece came about from a sketch that I had given as a gift to a friend for his birthday. The owner of this mural saw the sketches and decided then and there that he wants something similar for his mural on his property.

9ft x 14ft / 2014

"Northern Jump"

"Northern Jump" 12"x14" Acrylic on canvas 2013


This was the very first painting I did in the Woodland art style back in 2005 and also the painting that I realized I might be able to carve out a life as a painter.

"Beginnings" 24"x36" Acrylic on water colour paper 2005

"Lone Paddler"

"Lone Paddler" 18"x20" Acrylic on canvas 2013


"Howl" 24"x30" Acrylic on canvas 2012

"Happy Flower Dark Hour"

For this piece I really just wanted to convey joy, and happiness, and good energy. I think back to 2013 and I was a bit of a sour apple, nothing was really going my way. All I really want to say about it is that depression is a real thing, and it's a beast - but it can be conquered.

"Happy Flowers Dark Hour" Acrylic on canvas 24"x18" 2014


"Turtle" 16"x16" Acrylic on canvas

"Midnight Daisy"

Sometimes this is what my dreams look like.

"Midnight Daisy" 18"x24" Acrylic on canvas 2013

"Snowy Owl"

With this piece I was teaching a friend about painting and some techniques that I use. Then this kind of just emerged.

"Snowy Owl" 11x14 inches acrylic on canvas 2014

"Avocado Love"

This piece just started out as canvas that when I had extra paint I would play with it a bit and would keep adding to it over a few weeks. After a while it started to take form and it turned into this.

2 - 14"x18" acrylic on canvas panels, 2013

"Eagle Spirit & Bones"

The story behind this is born out of a dark time I experienced a while ago. The eagle is swooping down to the bones not to feast on what's left but to lift them back up, bringing the bones back to life in a way, back to the spirit.

"Eagle Spirit & Bones" 36"x48" Acrylic on canvas 2013

"Woodland Gummies"

These cuties were created for a Toronto exhibition inspired by candy. It was difficult to decide on what I wanted to do but I arrived at this and many gummy bears were eaten during this painting ;)

"Woodland Gummies" 2 panels - 7x14 acrylic on canvas 2014

"Tiger Spirit"

This was created for an exhibition in Toronto that was inspired by the circus.

"Tiger Spirit" 36"x24" Acrylic on canvas 2014 - Original available $800.00

"Loon on St. Paul's Bay"

A piece for great friends and supporters of mine in Red Lake. St. Paul's Bay is a stunning area of Red Lake where their cottage is and they wanted a piece to remind them of it.

"Loon on St. Paul's Bay" 12"x16" Acrylic on canvas 2012


Inspired by my favourite Phish song called "Farmhouse".

"Farmhouse" 36"x42" Acrylic on illustration board 2010

"Elephant at Night"

"Elephant at Night" 2 panel, 12"x12" Acrylic on canvas 2012

"Eagle Spirit"

"Eagle Spirit" 20"x16" Acrylic on canvas 2010

"Elephant Party"

I created this many moons ago, when I was in college in Sault Ste. Marie. It was for my first show at LopLops Galleria in the downtown area. I had a studio in the Bushplane museum at the time and was interested in seeing animals not native to Canada painted in the Woodland Artform that at the time I was still learning it for myself.

4 - 8"x10" acrylic on canvas panels, 2010

"Harvest Moon"

"Harvest Moon" 12"x16" Acrylic on canvas 2011

"O Tree"

A tree of "o's".

"O Tree" 20"x16" Acrylic on cavas 2012

"Loon at Sunset"

"Loon at Sunset" 23"x15" Acrylic on canvas 2011

"Humming Bird & Flower"

One of my early pieces when I would just start painting instead of planning.

"Humming Bird & Flower" I don't remember the size, 2ftx2.5ft maybe? Acrylic on canvas 2011

"Wolf & Moon"

"Wolf & Moon" 10"x12" Acrylic on canvas 2011

"Prairie Afternoon"

This was a gift that I painted for a cousin of mine from Winnipeg, MB. She's an amazing jewelry designer and sent me a ring as a "trade".

"Prairie Afternoon" 12"x30" Acrylic on illustration board 2010

"Thunder Bay Nights"

"Thunder Bay Nights" 2 panel 24"x31" Acrylic on canvas 2011

"Woodland Flowers"

A gift for a friend of mine from Sault Ste. Marie, ON for the birth of her baby boy.

"Woodland Flowers" 4"x4" Acrylic on canvas 2011

"Irish Bells & Hyacinths"

"Irish Bells & Hyacinths" 2 panel, 14"x18" Acrylic on canvas 2011

"Loon at Sunrise"

"Loon at Sunrise" 14"x18" Acrylic on canvas 2012


Created for a very close friend of mine on the occasion of her birthday.

2 - 6"x12" acrylic on canvas panels /2013


Created to remember a friend from home who had tragically passed away in a boating accident. He was affectionately called "dandelion", poem on it reads, "Loved you once, Love you still, Always have, Always Will".

12"x12" acrylic on canvas, 2013